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By: Rae Trainer

Missed connection: late February, Kung Fu Tea in the mall

Remember me

bold undercut dyed blue?

I remember you

braids tucked under beanie

I was the strawberry green tea, extra boba

(order #96 - I saved the receipt)

waiting five extra minutes that felt like infinity


wishing you weren't straight


In one other universe we exchanged numbers

smile in your eyes, hand warm on mine

In a few more you let me down gently

as an equal

but parallel universes extend to infinity

infinite vague insults

infinite disgusted grimaces

infinite moments of harsh laughter that say

eww, I would never

Remember me

paying with cash, dropping dimes on the floor

because I couldn't meet your eyes?

I remember you

"have a nice day" with a laugh like a bell

lasting into infinity

You say that to every customer



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