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A Reflection of "The Danger of Science Denial" (Ted Talk)

To begin, I find the specific thought processes utilized by Michael Specter within his speech to be extremely insightful as well as compelling; the fact that Michael initiated the TED Talk with the question of time travel in connection with the countless opportunities available in the future amazes me. I agree with the statement of halted human development described by Michael; in society today, it is extremely clear that individuals define themselves by their beliefs, proving to be close-minded and blinded to human growth and progress. As an individual, I constantly face this factor within the peer community around me; I constantly witness flawed logic and close-minded actions in regards to racial inequality, sexuality claims, and general environmental issues, all of which are embedded within the studies of science. These are not the only limiting aspects I experience within my community, however, as the list continues on and on. Ultimately, the practice of civil discourse, or the lack thereof, is a crucial aspect that must be addressed and echoed throughout human progression, especially in regards to scientific evidence.

Furthermore, I find the following statement by Michael Specter extremely interesting and gripping: “We’re at a point in this world where we don't have the same relationship to progress that we used to.” Personally, I agree with this statement to an extent; as a relentless advocate for science, I analyze and evaluate scientific evidence and research in a progressive way. As an individual, I consider science as a determining factor within societal succession; to me, science unbiasedly defines the factors of connectedness within nature and is the overall gateway to the future. In regards to the quote by Michael, I also disagree to an extent; is it true that we used to have a strong relationship with progress? My view proves to be that, to some extent, progression has always existed as a feared factor within every soul; beliefs, uncertainties, and unclear governmental status all play significant roles in this respect. “Why should we trust scientists? Do we know their intentions? Science is not real.” These are many of the expressions that are stated as a result of proposed scientific progression. Personally, I find these attitudes terrifying, as scientific denial accounts for the screeching halt of human enhancement.

Ultimately, it is extremely evident that scientific advancement has been, is, and always will be a pivotal aspect in regards to societal evolution. As an individual, I am appalled by the destructive nature of scientific denial as a threshold between human development and worldly destruction. I find the following quote by Michael profound in regards to current societal assets: “When you start down the road where belief and magic replace evidence and science, you end up in a place you do not want to be.” As an individual, scientific methodologies will always be rooted within my soul; without science, Cody Brogan is not Cody Brogan. Without a doubt, “The Danger of Science Denial” has provided me with valuable insight as well as unmatched reassurance in regards to my individual endeavors; quite simply, with the continuing rejection of scientific knowledge and advancement, mankind will prove to be a regretful thought of the past.

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