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Virginians to Vote on Two Constitutional Amendments, 2020

Virginians to Vote on Two Constitutional Amendments, 2020

There has been a lot of excitement around the elections this year. But for Virginians, there is more on the ballots than just candidates. This year, there are also places to vote for two state constitutional amendments. Here is a quick overview of each to get your research started.

Amendment Number 1: Redistricting Management

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Under the current state of Virginia’s Constitution, the responsibility of redistricting falls to the Governor and the General Assembly. The first amendment on the ballot would reallocate this responsibility to a body much closer to the people. It proposes that a redistricting commission be formed that consists of eight citizens of Virginia as well as eight General Assembly members. This group would draw up the new districts and present it to the General Assembly for a vote. If the redistricting is not passed, the Virginia Supreme Court then takes on the responsibility of drawing the new districts.

The drive behind this Constitutional amendment is a sentiment that in today’s state, citizens themselves are informed enough to make a decision such as redistricting. Indeed, many are of the opinion that when the public is able and inclined, they ought to make as many important decisions as is reasonable to encourage the spirit of our democracy and diminish the effects of politics on our governance.

Amendment Number 2: A Tax Break for Disabled Veterans

The second proposed amendment would provide a tax break to disabled veterans. If passed, it would exempt 100% disabled veterans from paying property tax on their first vehicle purchase.

The goal of this bill is to alleviate the financial pressures that many disabled veterans face when adjusting to their new lives. Specifically, it is meant to assist when their disabilities make a modified car a necessity. In order to avoid paperwork and wait time, the tax break would be applied any car, modified or not.

November 3rd, Election Day, is quickly approaching. Make sure you have a Voting Plan in place to ensure a smooth experience when you exercise your political power this year. I’ll see you at the polls!


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