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Asteroid Ejecting Particles?!

The article, “Episodes of Particle Ejection from the Surface of the Active Asteroid (101955) Bennu,” is applicable as well as compelling. Overall, this article dives into the depths of particle ejection from the surface of the asteroid 101955, or Bennu. More specifically, Bennu provided a fresh perspective in regards to asteroid ejection; usually, asteroids prove to be inert, but some observations convey differing results. I selected this article to represent an aspect of consensus science because of the included laws and data that have been widely accepted among the scientific community. Asteroids, objects within space, have been studied for numerous years; many aspects of asteroids have been proven, disproven, and evaluated. As a result, the observations of asteroid Bennu prove to be based on previous research, all of which has been widely accepted within the aspects of science. Overall, I find this article interesting in the fact that the article suggests that previous research can be utilized in order to analyze modern observations within the natural world.

Citation of Research Article

Lauretta, D. S., Hergenrother, C. W., Chesley, S. R., Leonard, J. M., Pelgrift, J. Y., Adam, C. D.,

Al Asad, M., Antreasian, P. G., Ballouz, R.-L., Becker, K. J., Bennett, C. A., Bos, B. J.,

Bottke, W. F., Brozović, M., Campins, H., Connolly, H. C., Daly, M. G., Davis, A. B., de

León, J., … Wolner, C. W. (2019). Episodes of Particle Ejection from the Surface of the

Active Asteroid (101955) Bennu. Science, 366(6470).


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