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Creation of a Map for the Solar Corona's Magnetic Field: A Reflection

Ultimately, it is evident that, as societal assets continue to grow and develop, scientific research evolves; as scientific proclivities prove to remain dynamic processes, new information, technology, and data allows for scientists to refine and evaluate the knowledge present within society today. In regards to the specific scientific article outlined above, the study conducted proves to remain an observational study; in addition to this classification, the study conducted also proves to contain theoretical models. In essence, I conclude these classifications as a result of the aspects portrayed in the article. In regards to the progression of the study, data was collected and analyzed at numerous points throughout; specific images were created as a result. Furthermore, the numerous observations utilized to produce images of the corona strength concludes the usage and progression of theoretical models; without the developments of the theories needed to successfully map the Sun’s corona, data collection and analysis would fail. Without a doubt, I find the study that was conducted to be extremely pivotal in regards to the evolution and advancement of space.


Grossman, Lisa. “Check Out the First-Ever Map of the Solar Corona's Magnetic Field.”



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